Martial Yoga

As a longtime student of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tum Waht Dot Soft-Style Kung Fu, and Wing Chun, among other internal and external Martial Arts Systems, and a devoted practitioner of Yoga, Rae Indigo has developed Martial Yoga Sequences that are energetic, instructive, cardio boosting, strength developing and FUN!

This style of Yoga, combining the numerous styles of Martial Arts with Yoga Asana plus an integrated Life Coaching program is ideal for driven and disciplined people. You can expect to attain a high level of performance because Rae will teach at the highest level.

You will not have the question of how skilled you are when you complete Rae’s Martial Yoga program…you will know!

To learn more about this special program contact Rae Indigo:

Phone:  503.740.8600