UNITED Yoga 200 Hour Training with Founder Andrey Lappa


  • Andrey Lappa is one of the most influential yoga masters to have emerged from the post-Soviet era.
  • Originally from Ukraine, Andrey has been practicing yoga for well over 30 years, and teaching professionally since 1988.
  • This program compresses a vast array of yoga subjects & styles into a highly intensive course, offering the most diverse training possible in the shortest amount of time. This intensive study includes physical practice, lectures, theory, posture clinics and teaching methodology.
  • Morning practices give an experiential understanding of different sub-styles of yoga practice.
  • Afternoon sessions explore the science of yoga through lectures.
  • Daily sessions conclude with 60 minutes of Shiva Nata™ (Dance of Shiva) practice.

Whether you want to learn more about yoga to deepen your existing practice, or you have goals to teach, this program will take you to the next level.


Registration Info and Questions:
Director Rae Indigo

UNITED Yoga Training – A Movement Practice for the Multi-tasking Visionary.