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UNITED Yoga Training 200/500 hour

This course unites several Modern Lineages to provide a complete foundation of yoga in the emerging century. A UNITED Yoga Certification provides core understanding of Postures, Breath Work, Yoga Philosophy, Alignment, Energetic-Mental-Physical Anatomy, 6 Directions of Mobility, Public Speaking, Body Language, Healing Foods, and Therapeutic Sequences.

Join Senior Vinyasa Krama Yoga teacher, Ruslan Kleytman in developing a deeper understanding of Asana, Asana Sequencing and the connections between Movement Arts and Ancient Philosophy. Budokon Instructor, Lisa Ralston will explain Anatomical Principles, and guide you in refining your personal practice and teaching practice. Rae Indigo shares Alignment, Therapeutic Yoga and Energetic Anatomy. Jaya inspires your heart with Bhakti Yoga, Harmony and Ashtanga Practice.

Once you have the experience that comes from an Immersion, your perspective on life changes. Just as movements that seemed impossible once become easy and familiar, so to do new possibilities in your life open up.

Transform Your Perspective – Expand Your Potential – Live a Powerful Life

Whether you want to learn more about yoga to deepen your existing practice, or you have goals to teach, this program will take you to the next level.

After the 15 day immersion, we offer specialized Modules from March 19-27th for students working on Continuing Education Credits(CEU) or 500 hour program. Depending on your personal goals, you will learn how to share your Yoga insights, or be coached into developing a professional YOGA Career by teachers who are full time instructors.

Each student will graduate with a working understanding of how to share the gift of yoga. Whether you want to teach professionally, or communicate your knowledge of wellness practices with family and friends, you will begin to speak from a place of knowing.

Tuition: $2950
Payment plan: $3250
$500.00 deposit, plus 7 post-dated cheques/visa/mc.
Contact us to receive details and dates of monthly installments.

Registration Info and Questions:
Director Rae Indigo

UNITED Yoga Training – A Movement Practice for the Multi-tasking Visionary.