Rae Indigo, ERYT 500, began yoga as a child and has mastery of Yoga and Martial Arts. She has extensive practical knowledge on fasting and food as medicine, and how to apply these concepts successfully and functionally in a modern lifestyle.

Rae travels extensively, leading teacher trainings, detoxification programs and offers advanced education courses featuring:

  • - How to heal using yoga
  • - Postural diagnosis
  • - Mind-calming therapies
  • - Food-as-medicine
  • - Finding balance and wellness in the modern world.

She offers lectures assisting allopathic and holistic medical practitioners, yoga teachers, and acupuncturists to achieve swifter and more effective patient intake and diagnosis. A few of the techniques presented include postural diagnosis and the relationship between mind and body, language cueing, and food addition in place of diet restrictions. Additional techniques include relaxation, superfoods and how to use them, stress relief and meditation. She gives instruction in the body-mind connection, and how to integrate different therapies to create a healing environment. Rae works directly with all branches of the U.S. Military, overseeing the Yoga Program at U.S Army Garrison-Miami, in support of U.S. Southern Command Headquarters, offering stress relief techniques, weight loss and food-as-medicine workshops, and healing therapies for our Armed Forces.

Rae is an expert in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yogic Energetic Systems, and esoteric texts as well as anatomy, physical alignment and corrective healing techniques. Rae’s integrative approach allows clients to better their physical health while developing asana, yogic focus, and learn to experience inner awareness. Rae is particularly gifted at expressing the most ancient and obscure sciences of Yoga and Tantra into a teaching skill set that is transformational and accessible for students of all levels.

With over 15 years of Teaching experience and a powerful lineage developed with over 20 years of focused practice, Rae’s unique style combines practical and devotional aspects in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Rae is a direct student of Yogi and Medical Doctor Mary-Elaine Cobo, who also initiated her in the Zen meditation tradition.

Rae understands and harnesses the power of Yoga for transformation, and guides clients towards balancing and purifying the energetic, physical, and mental bodies to achieve inner stillness within outer structure and alignment. She is an intuitive teacher and adept at instructing and inspiring everyone from athletes and martial artists, people in recovery from poor lifestyle or injury, beginner yogis, dancers, military personnel, and our elderly. Rae pays special attention to healing sequences and has a special gift for recognizing the individual needs of people in the healing process.