Are you ready to elevate your life to happiness and clarity?

Claim your inherent birthright and shine on all levels that a human being is able; become the radiant being you were destined to be. This is well within your reach as you continue your unified yoga practice.

A transformative asana practice is a very powerful aspect of yoga, bringing health, strength, balance and ease to the physical body. Whether you are using asana (yoga postures) to recover from injury, or to improve your abilities beyond a normal human body to one with supernormal capabilities, Rae Indigo’s Therapeutic Vinyasa Krama Yoga System has the essential means and methods to help develop you and support you in reaching your goal.

However, asana is only a small (but integral) part of all that Therapeutic Yoga has to offer you. When you join Rae Indigo’s retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings you will also study and practice the internal work of creating an authentic, happy and liberated life. This is the true goal of yoga. You will learn a complete system covering all aspects of human development, of which asana is only a part of a much vaster picture.

“Don’t die undeveloped.” – Andrey Lappa

“Your identification with and attachment to a false identity (asmita) causes you to take wrong action, which creates aversion and/or bondage, and this applies to both your physical yoga practice and your day-to-day life. This inevitably leads to suffering, and the avoidance of the truth of your own inner nature. Our purpose will be to discover and cultivate this inner truth, which is true happiness, yogic happiness, happiness free of pride and a happiness of a different quality than the temporary happiness that comes from achievements or acquisitions in life.

“No one is exempt from this identification, it originates in and as the ego-self and it is responsible for creating and continuing to create negative karmas. Our real work as yogis is to purify all aspects of our self, so that we are no longer veiled by samskaras (imperfections and deep impressions which develop into mental/emotional patterns). Once we are free from these samskaras, we can shine like a diamond, allowing the light of atma (higher self) to break through the veil of ignorance. Just as a diamond is simply a piece of coal that stuck with it, dedicated yoga practice will transform us into diamonds.

“Try to determine that which is permanent and impermanent. What is it that is constantly changing? Allow others to exercise their free will; nothing is gained by force or attachment to what you think they should be. People will show you who they are, and what they choose, just be aware and watch, and do your practice. Make yourself a luminous example, and the people around you will then either choose to engage spiritual practice, or try to force reality to be what they wish it to be, thus binding them more and more with the ties of karma, pulling the veil tighter, and making it darker. Turn to your own inner nature and let it all unfold naturally. No need to push the river, it flows quite well by itself!

“The clouds will pass; return your awareness again and again to purusha, the blue, clear, inner sky. Do your best to stop creating more negative karma by practicing kriya yoga, right action, and meditation, so you can abandon wrong action. Although you’re not responsible for the suffering of others, you can shine your light helping them to better see the way out of the dark world of attachment and identification with false ideas.” – Rae Indigo


“Rae Indigo is innate leader. Having bright mind, active personality and advance asana practice, her yoga teaching can be beneficial both for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners”…Andrey Lappa, February 16th, 2015, Himalayas.

“The day after… so amazingly grateful for the experiences of the last days! There are no words which could express what I feel, still I want to give a huge thank you to Rae Indigo for letting me, in an easy and playful way, completely reconnect to my personal yoga practice! For reminding us of the creativity and endless possibilities to create a balanced an empowering sequence. For opening our hearts and souls to live a happier and healthier life and staying firm and positive helping others on their way. It was amazing! Thank you Lara Vicich and Reni S. Bickel for making this possible!” – Aimara Bauer

“Done with the first part of the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training! Thank you, Rae, for being so friggin’ AWESOME! heart emoticon Thank you for the invitation to become healthier, stronger and happier! In just one week of training, I can feel the huge change that is starting to take place in me. From eating in a healthier way, to moving far more consciously, I can feel my heart and my life expanding in all kinds of wonderful directions. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Y gracias Lara y Reni lindas por la oportunidad de tomar este programa!! Super feliz!” — feeling blessed – Laura Lizarzaburu Fredrickson

“The amazing knowledge about how to perceive and work with the body and the mind. The knowlegde about finding harmony within ourselves and align our energy for more power, wellbeing and healing. Rae developed it, lives it and shares it with others. Any person who opens to her teachings will definitely go through a positive transformation. As a friend, student and business partner I will never stop learning from her and with her! She is a wonderful and true Yogi, always sticking to her cool and totally natural way of being”…Reni Bickell, Vida Yoga, Lima, Peru.

“Rae is one of the best yoga teachers in the world. Why? Because she has a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of yoga and her knowledge on healing through yoga asanas and yoga lifestyle is exceptional. Don’t miss her workshops, teacher trainings because she is a MUST!”…Balazs Heller, Founder of FitYoga ( ), European Yoga Asana Champion.

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